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Website Updates

Small and big updates on existing websites

I do maintaine some websites regulalry and make ncessary updates i.e. new pages, updating themes, fonts, texts, colors etc.

web frontend service

Website Updates

I can make minor update on your website or I can update it with new codes, Whatever you want, you will get best results.

Skills: Wordpress, CMS, Updates. Mobile Friendly, Responsive, Shopify, Blog, PHP, Plugin, Divi

Sof for Life

Sof for Life


I have made many updates on this website over the time. Whatever client like to make it update

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Wordpress Divi Updates

I have made many updates on this Divi based wordpress website.

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Shopify Maintenance

Maintaning and updating this Shopify website over the period.

day communications

Ohio Basketball

Regular Updates

I am regularly maintaining and updating this website upon client request, its WordPress website.

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I signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement too, so I can not disclose everything, your privacy and project will be safe.